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Fei Tian Academy of the Arts (FTAA) Middletown, NY campus is a college preparatory school that will offer:

  • An Academic Track – prepares students for successful college programs and a wide range of professional interests and occupations;
  • An Arts Track – enables students to pursue professional careers in the arts through rigorous training while providing a wide range of opportunities both within and outside the artistic realm to explore and develop their strengths and talents;
  • General education – grades 6 – 12;
  • Extracurricular projects with science/engineering research institutions and government agencies;
  • College counseling and planning that begins in grade 9;
  • Educational themes based on authentic and traditional Chinese language and culture;
  • ESL and tutoring for international students;
  • Low student-teacher ratio;
  • Boarding and Day school options;
  • A safe environment with an emphasis on moral values and conduct.


FTAA seeks to provide outstanding education to students in Grade 6-12 to help them become successful college students and professionals, as well as morally sound and well-rounded citizens in the dynamic world of the 21st century.

Specifically, FTAA seeks to

  • Provide outstanding instruction of academic subjects, meeting and/or exceeding standards of New York State for Grades 6-12;
  • Help each student develop a solid professional foundation in dance, music, or fine arts to develop a life-long ability for art appreciation or to become professional artists;
  • Enable students to achieve bilingual proficiency in English and Chinese through course offerings and campus environment;
  • Inculcate in students a profound respect for moral character

Diplomas Offered

Students may declare one of the following three specialties: academics, dance, and music. All students need to complete required academic courses. Students who choose dance or music need to take a specified number of additional courses and pass certain competency standards.

  •  High School Diploma:
    • Complete the required academic courses satisfactorily
  • High School Diploma with Honors:
    • Outstanding GPAs and/or achievements in extracurricular activities
  • Fei Tian Diploma:
    • Dance or music achievements


The best education is one where students not only acquire knowledge, skills, and competency for successful professional careers, but also become morally sound and well-rounded contributors to society.

Moral character is not a luxury of the modern society; it is essential in achieving a high level of professionalism, efficiency, and effective learning.