Fei Tian Academy of the Arts is located on a picturesque hillside campus in the mountains of upstate New York. The campus includes classical Chinese architecture, a large pond, and gardens throughout. Students can enjoy walks and relax in the serene environment afforded by the campus. They also enjoy all the modern amenities in their dormitories and other buildings, including meals served in a school cafeteria.

The campus additionally offers facilities meant to foster community and enrich students’ lives during extracurricular time. The school is home to a lounge where students gather after meals, and a fitness center.

The school also boasts world-class performing arts facilities, including an impressive, fully equipped theater and a beautiful recital hall. Students attend school assemblies and watch film screenings in a school auditorium. Dance classes are held in a number of dance studios, and music practice takes place in both individual practice rooms and large rehearsal halls.