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Academic Calendar

2016-17  |  2017-18


Date Activity
Apr 14-16 (Fri-Sun) Spring Long Weekend
May 12 (Fri) Anniversary Day
May 29 (Mon) Memorial Day
June 12-16 (Mon-Fri) Final Examinations
June 17 (Sat) Commencement


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Fall Semester

Date  Activity
Sep 1-3 (Fri-Sun) Registration, Enrollment, & Orientation
Sep 4 (Mon) Labor Day
Sep 5 (Tue) Fall Semester Begins
Oct 9 (Mon) Columbus Day
Nov 10 (Fri) Veterans Day
Nov 23-24 (Thu-Fri) Thanksgiving Day Break
Dec 18-21 (Mon-Thu) Midterm Examinations
Dec 22 (Fri) Last Day of Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Date Activity
Jan 8 (Mon) Spring Semester Begins
Jan 15 (Mon) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Feb 16 (Fri) Chinese New Year
Feb 19 (Mon) Presidents’ Day
Mar 10-18 (Sat-Sun) Spring Break
Mar 30-Apr 1 Spring Long Weekend
May 11 (Fri) Anniversary Day
May 28 (Mon) Memorial Day
June 12-15 (Tue-Fri) Final Examinations
June 16 (Sat) Commencement