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College Planning

Why should my child and I start planning for college in middle school?

In middle school and junior high, students make decisions that affect the rest of their lives. The classes they take, the grades they get, the activities they do and the friends they choose will heavily influence their experience in high school, their desire to go to college and eventually, the type of job they hold and the life they lead. By planning for college now, your student will be more likely to make good choices in high school and will have more career choices in the future.

What can parents learn from college planning?

College planning can help break down myths about college, such as “my teen can make a good living without a college education”, or “I don’t have the money and my teen can’t afford to take out loans to pay for college”.

The parents can learn why they should send their children to college and what they do to encourage the children to go to college. They will learn different kinds of colleges available and how they could pay for the college they want.

What is the goal of college planning?

An adviser of college planning will coach the student to best utilize the time & resources of 4-year high school in US. He/she will guide student to develop a well-balanced and unique profile to compete for top-tier colleges.

The student will be mentally and academically ready for college life through the planning. The process can also transform the student to be a responsible citizen with high moral standards

How is college planning being done at Fei Tian?

The college planning process at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts may even begin in the middle school. Typically, a comprehensive service starts from 9th grade until graduation.

The college planning at Fei Tian will develop an individualized roadmap to success for the student, which includes academic work, character development, special interests and skillset, as well as college application.

This planning process will be guided by experienced counselors who graduated from top universities in US and seamlessly integrate with FTAA’s academic and extracurricular programs. It will fully leverage the FTAA’s social & corporate resources.