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We want to help you attend Fei Tian!

We are committed to making Fei Tian an affordable option for families. Fei Tian Academy of the Arts awards scholarships to students with talent in arts and academics. Students who are US citizens may also apply for financial aid.

For the convenience of financial planning, the following table estimates the tuition and fees plus living and other expenses a full-time student enrolled in the academic program and an arts program (dance or music) is expected to incur per year.

2016-2017 Academic Year

Type Boarding Students Day Students International Students
Tuition $33,000 $22,500 $33,000
Meals Included Lunches Included
Boarding Included Included
Service Fees $2,000
Total Cost $33,000 $22,500 $35,000

Program/Grade Related Cost

  • School Uniform: $200
  • ESL and language support: $5,000
  • Dance Program Fee: $300
  • Standardized Testing Fees (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP exams): Varied cost $45 – $200

Explanation of Fees

Day Tuition –The day tuition include academic, technology, health, and school day lunches.

Academic Fee: lectures, counseling, class supplies, text books, and on campus activities.

Technology Fee: school laptops and internet service.

Health Fee does not provide for medical treatment outside of the School at local hospitals and doctors’ offices.  All students are required to have health insurance with a U.S. carrier for this purpose.

“School days” are days in which the school is open for regular classes (Monday through Saturday) and makeup days, excluding school holidays, snow days, and breaks. Cafeteria operational hours apply.

Day students have the option to enroll for additional meal plan at an estimated cost of $900 – $2,600 per year, billed through the school.  Estimated homestay cost for boarding, meals and transportation (paid directly to hosting family) is $4,000 – $8,000 per year.

Boarding Tuition – In addition to items covered by Day Tuition, Boarding tuition also includes lodging, meals, laundry and transportation for group trips and some event tickets.

Dance Program Fees – The fee covers dance attire, costume and props.

The International Student Services Fee ($2,000) – International students who require an I-20 must pay this visa service fee, which covers the cost of administrative expenses associated with admissions, an international advisor, and programs for international students.

International Student Injury and Sickness Insurance – International students are required to be covered by health insurance with a U.S. carrier. The Academy will enroll all international students in the New York State health insurance program. If for any reason, parents could not successfully enroll in the State health insurance program, they must purchase a U.S. insurance policy with a medical benefit of $100,000 coverage for each specific illness or injury. The plan must have a deductible not to exceed $500 per accident or illness.

ESL and Tutoring Fee ($5,000) – English as a Second Language (ESL) and bilingual tutoring fee is required of any international student whose first language is not English unless he/she can demonstrate, based on a TOEFL test, that his/her level of English competence is sufficient to enable him/her a passing grade in our regular English program. This fee is billed to the Tuition Account when applicable. This fee covers the cost of bilingual teaching and mentoring services for all international students.