Dance – Advanced Level

The Advanced Level of instruction seeks to improve the students’ sensibility and general knowledge in dance and their artistic expressions. At the same time, this level of instruction further refines students’ advanced dance skills and techniques through comprehensive training. It emphasizes the speed and quality of these movements as well as the accuracy of integrated movements. This training can help students lay a good foundation for becoming outstanding performing artists. Students also learn how to develop and coordinate connecting movements. The purpose is for them to gradually understand and be able to express the spirit of Chinese dance in their performances.

Fundamentals of Chinese Classical Dance V, VI

These courses are a continuation of the Fundamentals of classical Chinese dance at the Intermediate Level and include training on challenging tumbling techniques such as vertical turns with large postures, leaps with large postures, horizontal turns with large postures, mixed combinations, and combinations with performing elements.

Shen Yun (身韻) V, VI

The students will learn and apply movement combinations to specific roles and characters. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to proficiently use and coordinate elements of classical Chinese dance such as hand gestures, facial expressions, body movements, physical forms, and steps in their dances. Students will also perform classical Chinese dances that effectively express the ethnic bearing through the shen yun (身韻) elements and techniques.

Chinese Folk and Ethnic Dances V, VI

These courses further develop the students’ dance techniques and gradually move them from classroom folk dance training to stage performances. Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to perform the more advanced movement combinations required in folk dances, understand at a deeper level the characteristics and sensibilities of the ethnic or regional groups, and understand how cultural and environmental circumstances influence artistic styles and presentation.