Graduation Requirements

Fei Tian offers two types of diplomas: High School Academic Diploma and Fei Tian Graduation Diploma.

High School Academic Diploma

The High School Academic Diploma is awarded to students who have completed all required high school courses and completed at least one year of study at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts.

Fei Tian Graduation Diploma

The Fei Tian Graduation Diploma is the most comprehensive diploma and recognizes completion of both artistic achievement and academic studies. It is awarded to students who have completed either the dance or music program and achieved required level of proficiency in addition to completing the requirements for the high school academic diploma.

A student’s graduation date is determined by the date when he or she can complete the above graduation requirements rather than by his or her grade level. It typically takes six years to complete the requirements, though it can be accelerated to four years for talented students.