High School English Language Arts

High school students will move through the high school English Language Arts curriculum at a pace dependent on their academic grade level and language proficiency level. Those for whom English is a second language may first take remedial ESL courses, but most students entering high school in 9th grade will start with English Language Arts 200.

English Language Arts 200

ELA 200 is usually offered to high school students in grade 9. In this course, students hone their academic writing skills and gain skills in developing analytical and evaluative thinking. In particular, students practice responding to literature through the development of comparative, persuasive, and expository essay writing. Students apply knowledge of figurative language to analyze author purpose, theme, and plot. Students are also expected to write a short story and poems. Students review basic parts of speech and writing mechanics while moving into more complex verb forms, parallel structure, sentence revision, and clauses and phrases. Students study classical literature across the genres of poetry, short story, play, and novel. They also read and evaluate non-fiction texts.

English Language Arts 300

The ELA 300 course is generally for high school students in grade 10. In this course, the student focuses on effective expression through the study of classic world literature. The student will gain the confidence, know-how, and ability to prepare and deliver an effective message in a variety of ways for different audiences. Students learn how to conduct an interview, use visual aids during a speech, and give a speech on an academic topic. Emphasis is also placed on refining listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

English Language Arts 400

ELA 400 is geared toward high school students in the 11th grade. The course focuses on literary appreciation and the expository essay. Representative American literary and nonfiction works will be selected with a focus on the classics and writings on noteworthy historical figures and events. The course includes an introduction to poetry with a survey of various styles and approaches em-ployed by poets. In this course, students continue to refine their reading comprehension, gram-mar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Emphasis is placed on addressing any bad habits they may have developed in their writing so that they may build control and mastery of the language and express themselves with sophistication. This course also prepares students to take the SAT.

English Language Arts 500

ELA 500 is geared toward high school students in the 12th grade. Students will study major works of British literature from the Middle Ages to the Modern era. With an emphasis on Shakespeare, classic essays, and lyric poetry, students will read selections in different genres and apply a variety of reading strategies, particularly literary comprehension, appropriate for reading each selection. Students will analyze literary elements, use a variety of strategies to build vocabulary, learn elements of grammar, usage, and style, and use recursive writing processes to write in a variety of forms. ELA 500 also prepares students for the SAT Subject test in Literature.