Intensive Programs

Fei Tian Academy of the Arts offers three types of intensive programs throughout the year: ESL, Chinese Language and Culture, and intensive courses in Music and Dance. These programs help students catch up in certain areas as needed or offer extra training to those who are already doing well but wish to excel in selected areas.

The intensive programs are held depending on the needs of the students. Incoming students in particular often enter the school with varying levels of skill in dance, music, or academics. Some students show great potential but may have a gap in their training and are accepted into the school only conditionally. These students can take an intensive course in the relevant subject to make up the deficiency before they join the regular program.

Because Fei Tian is a bilingual school, new students who lack proficiency in either English or Chinese language often find they need to take intensive language programs before they can fully participate in school with the other students. Most classical Chinese dance instruction, for example, is necessarily in the Chinese language, while a number of core academic courses designed to meet state education standards are primarily taught in English.

Students who are registered in any of the Intensive Programs may still be given the opportunity to participate in performances and other school activities if they so choose.