Guidance Counseling

Upon arrival, each student is assigned a counselor who meets regularly with the student regarding his or her overall status and progress. Counselors are responsible for assisting students with planning and course selection. They also inform students of various professional and post-secondary options and help students prepare for the career or educational path of their choice. Students have the opportunity to select a different counselor if the need arises.

Remedial and Tutoring Services

Fei Tian is committed to helping students succeed in their arts and academic curricula. Fei Tian provides English as a second language and Chinese as a second language courses to students who need remedial support while they progress in their arts and academic courses.

Students in middle school and high school are provided services in English as a Second Language (ESL). Upon admission, all students who speak a language other than English at home are given a comprehensive assessment to determine the need for language services. These remedial courses focus on developing reading, listening, speaking and writing skills as well vocabulary needed to succeed in their regular classes.

Individual tutoring by faculty and staff is also available to students. Tutoring can be arranged at the request of students who need special assistance or by referral from course instructors.