School Calendar

Fei Tian Academy of the Arts operates year-round with three sessions. Full-time students are required to enroll in two semesters per year, for a total of approximately 184 instructional days per year. Students may use the third session for annual vacation or optional studies.

2021 Calendar

(Dates are subject to change.)


SPRING 2021 

Date Activity
December 7 (Mon) New student workshops begin
January 1 (Wed) New Year’s Day
January 2-4 (Sat-Mon) Orientation and registration deadline
January 4 (Mon) Classes begin
January 18 (Mon) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
February 12 (Fri) Chinese New Year
February 15 (Mon) Presidents’ Day
Apr 16 (Fri) Classes end



Date Activity
April 15 (Thu) New student workshops begin
May 10-12 (Mon-Wed) Orientation and registration deadline
May 13 (Thu) Falun Dafa Day
May 14 (Fri) Classes begin
May 31 (Mon) Memorial Day
July 4 (Sun) Independence Day
August 20 (Fri)  Classes end


FALL 2021

Date Activity
August 6 (Fri) New student workshops begin
August 31-September 3 (Tue-Fri) Orientation and registration deadline
September 3 (Fri) Classes begin
September 6 (Mon) Labor Day
September 21 (Tue) Mid-Autumn Festival
October 11 (Mon) Columbus Day
November 11 (Thu) Veterans Day
November 25 (Thu) Thanksgiving Day
December 17 (Fri) Classes end