Fei Tian’s arts education is systematically organized by art form into different levels and different areas of training. Students receive instruction appropriate for their age and skill level, as determined through auditions and proficiency exams.

The goal of the dance education at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts is to provide systematic training in the techniques and artistry of Chinese dance. Chinese dance, as a general term, is made up of classical Chinese dance as well as Chinese folk and ethnic dances.

Classical Chinese dance has its origins in the imperial court and ancient theater of China and contains in its movements, postures, and aesthetics uniquely Chinese cultural traits. Fei Tian provides training in classical Chinese dance through its coursework in Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance, Shen Yun (身韻), and Special Techniques in Classical Chinese Dance.

Chinese folk and ethnic dances, on the other hand, are comprised of different regional and ethnic dance styles that feature the unique characteristics of each tradition. Students receive systematic training in folk and ethnic dance through coursework in Chinese Folk and Ethnic Dances.

Instruction for the above dance courses is divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced, each of which is one to two years in length.

In addition to rigorous training in the dance fundamentals, Fei Tian Academy of the Arts offers students many performance opportunities both in the local community and at professional venues so that students may gain valuable performing experience.