Academic Programs

Students at Fei Tian work progressively through the middle and high school programs towards the prestigious Fei Tian Diploma. Key concepts are taught along with critical thinking skills, and meaningful connections are drawn to students’ daily lives. Students learn how to perceive, classify, and synthesize new materials, how to solve problems, and how to form new ideas. Attention is given to helping students develop a moral framework including a sense of integrity and self-discipline, concern for others, a sense of teamwork, a healthy lifestyle, and good study habits. The school’s well-rounded education helps students to develop not only their intellect, but also artistry, spirit, and character.

Flexibility is built into the curriculum design through the use of school-wide levels-based instruction in the core subjects of English language arts, Chinese language, and the arts. This allows students to receive the most appropriate instruction for their age and skill level.

The curriculum includes special provisions for English Language Learners (ELLs) so that they can also participate in the school’s programs. These services include an ESL program; the delivery of bilingual, sheltered, or native language core content courses to eligible students; and special testing accommodations as established by New York State. This allows students to plan, under the guidance of counselors, a rigorous academic program of study that meets their needs, interests, and abilities.

Upon graduation from Fei Tian Academy, students are recognized not only for achievement of college readiness in standard academic subjects but also for proficiency in the Chinese language and an awareness of Chinese traditions and cultures. This special blend of skills and competencies uniquely positions students for further study at the college level and to pursue a range of careers in which they may contribute greatly to society’s artistic, cultural, and spiritual life.