Middle School English

Students build their basic writing skills by learning to develop essays, poems, and stories. Students build their compositional skills through an in-depth education in paragraph and essay writing, including instruction in writing persuasive essays, descriptive essays, and personal narratives. In addition to developing an appropriate vocabulary, correct spelling, and proper use of writing mechanics, students also hone their skills in oral presentation.

Students are exposed to a range of literary genres including novels, short stories, plays, essays, and poetry. Discussions about literature and readings of selected passages happen at each grade level, and attention is paid to literal and inferential comprehension, the drawing of valid conclusions based on evidence, and the identification of literary elements and devices. Special attention is also paid to developing vocabulary and grammar skills. The English curriculum exposes students to fiction and nonfiction accounts about historical figures and events from different regions of the world.

English Language Arts 100/200 Series

This course series develops basic English language skills. Students practice grammar and the mechanics of writing and learn to follow the writing process—brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising—for a variety of purposes and audiences. Writing assignments are analytical, narrative, and creative. Students examine various literary devices such as setting, tone, point-of-view, character development, and symbolism. Vocabulary usage and study take place in the context of the literature that is read as well as through direct study.